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Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study

This ministry started several years ago as a food distribution to different women/families in need. It was during this time when I met a beautiful woman who was among the thousands of Kenya people living with AIDS or carrying the virus.  I got to meet more and the Lord put in my heart to share with them His word. It has been a blessing seeing their desire to know more of what the bible says on different things. My heart is more drawn to those women who continue to live daily with the HIV virus and of course others who are in need.  Why the HIV/AIDS/ IN NEED women? I had a sister Janet who had been sick as long as I can remember and the Lord took her home July of 2015.  Janet was not carrying the virus, she was epileptic. Due to financial struggles, she never got the medical attention she needed. The longest time I spent at my parents after high school was a month tops and seeing what my family did for her and the love they shown her when I would visit, moved me to want to show these women the same love. Our society looks down on them that have the disease and my desire is help them deepen their relationship with our Lord. I remember the day I gave one of the ladies a hug, the shock and joy on her face, or the first day I visited one them with a food basket, this woman broke down in tears and I thought she was offended by the basket I gave but on the contrary- she said she has never had a visitor in her house or anyone give her a gift; and those were tears of joy.  Few years ago, I found a lady laying down and her 2 year old child sitting by her side on the side of the road.  This lady was unconscious and was surrounded by crowd of people. Unaware of what was happening, I pulled over few feet from the crowd, and walked over to see what was happening. I had local currency equivalent to $5 in my hands. No one seemed to want to touch her, I went on my knees I got her to sit with support, I didn’t have a drink on me but someone on the crowd handed me a bottle of water.  I opened the lady’s mouth and started to get some water down, with tears flowing down my chick of the situation and how life could be so unfair, the lady started to respond. Long story short, the lady was hungry and hadn’t eaten for days and after about 45minutes right there on the side of the road, life was restored and walked out of there joyful because we put her on a bus to go home but sad that poverty continues to threaten lives in 3rd world Countries (Reliving this while writing the story down was hard and couldn’t control the tears).  Early last year, I went downtown LA to buy t-shirts in preparation to going to Kenya. I had bought one of those fruits loaded/yogurt. Looking forward to enjoy that drink on the hot day, I see this homeless man, I asked him if he wanted and his face light up and start drink it the moment that drink landed on his hand.  Winter times, I always have several blankets in my car to hand them out to those in need. Have you ever thought about that person outside a restaurant asking for change? Last year, I went to El Pollo Loco and there was a man was asking for change and without thinking, I said no, but as I was walking to my car, I knew I had dollar, but  here I was taking food for gathering I was going but yet I told him no. I went back to him and asked him to come and get whatever he wanted. The manager and the server couldn’t believe it and the man was speechless. He didn’t even want to get a drink but water. I told him he can have a different drink if he wants and the look on this face of a man, a man old enough to be father, was breaking. And many more story like this. Am not saying this to brag about myself, but this is my heart and desire, whether its here in the US or in Africa. People with needs sound us but sometimes, we are so busy to notice. Every quarter I do a food basket and additional one as a Christmas gift for these women. I know its not much but knowing they will not have to worry about food for their family for few days depending on their family size is gives me joy and  I give all the glory and honor to Jesus for watching over these ladies