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FFFC Ministry Updates
Consider Jesus’ Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya

Consider Jesus’ Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya

When the think about the work of our Lord Jesus Christ in this end-time ministry, what comes immediately on our hearts, I believe is the revival our Lord promised us that He will pour out to different groups of Christians in His church through the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is at work in East Africa through our Christ study materials ministries. We are witnessing pastors and church leaders across East Africa and beyond having much spiritual hunger of collecting and grabbing free study materials for Christ with a desire to build up their home personal libraries with the LORD.

These men and women want to grow deeper in the knowledge of the word of God, grow in the love of Christ and share His love to others. We as a ministry are happy to be part of this building-up revival in this end-time ministry. We are also happy that you are part of this ministry through your financial gift.

We would like you to consider praying and partnering with us in these two urgent needs.

  1. We have been asked to relocate from our current library center (county government facility) rented room by the county government of Nairobi. This room has been acting as our public Christian library and the center for Christ study material distribution across East Africa. By the miraculous hand of God, we have found a new place that we can lease for the next 5 yrs and renovate the buildings to fit our vision and mission. Please join us in renting out and beautifying this place through your gift and man-power.
  2. We are currently receiving any financial gift towards purchasing SD-cards/DVDs/cds/flash-disks in preparation to the upcoming pastors conferences in East Africa.