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Ministry needs….

Ministry needs….

At the missions conference 2019 we were asked to share briefly about our ministries; where we serve, what we do and if we need help. I wasn’t prepared and felt like I didn’t make sense of what I do and what the needs are, so here I am. I serve in Kenya; Eastern part of Africa. Kenya is one of the 54 countries in Africa with an estimated population of 49M which consists of 43 tribes. Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and the largest city. We have English and Swahili as official languages. What’s Swahili like? Have you watched the Lion king? Hakuna matata (that’s Swahili and you know what it means). She borders, Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Somali, Uganda, Tanzania and is also at the coastline of Indian Ocean. Kenya got her independence from the British in Dec, 12 1963. Africa is well known for the wildlife, so, if you ever visit, you must go on a safari! And you must try our traditional Nyama Choma (Roasted meat) you will be a living testimony! No joke! Anyways, I work with HIV/AIDS women which started as a food distribution over 10 years ago.  I oversee Firefighters for Christ chapter 3 which started over 10 years and children Ministry at my village in the church I grow up. We recently started a library as well. Kenya just like any other 3rd world countries has needs ranging from the basic necessities in life to education needs and also face terrorists insecurities. What kind of help do I need? I need people who can teach women, children and evangelize. I work with a local church in Nairobi and the can use some help. Early 2018, we started a library a dream come true and I would like to get all the books on a spreadsheet: this is a time consuming project, any takers! Website builders are welcomed! Teams are always invited. Please give me a call or text or send me an email