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EACC Conference -Uganda in Mukono

EACC Conference -Uganda in Mukono

My travel and my time in Uganda at the East Africa Calvary Chapel conference not only did it add refreshment in my life, but also gave me an opportunity to add more joy in my life as I served most of the pastors with Christ study materials. There is so much we can do in helping each other especially as leaders to grow from grace to grace. I say this because I learned that we have brothers among our CC movement who do not have computers or access to the internet in order to access some of the Calvary chapel teachings online. Giving them such teachings on CDs/USBs, or putting them in the gadgets they may have can be one of the ways we can support one another in growing in this grace. As we seek God’s wisdom on how to effectively fill some of the East African Pastors (not only within CC Movement) with Christ study materials, we ask you to join us on this journey of giving out such good tidings. We have started somewhere and we want to do more than we are doing. We look forward to launch resource centers where leaders can come in to study or collect teachings for their personal devotions. We probably may be stepping into this big faith before the end of this year as the Lord guides us.